INVENTORS PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT and CONSULTING by Mary Ellen Hills, inventor of the "DazzleDot" Lipstick Mirror


(December 96 Inventors Digest ) When you're hot, you're hot! There was no stopping Mary Ellen Hills after she got the brainstorm for the DazzleDot Lipstick Mirror! "Instead of reapplying lipstick at the table using a compact mirror (bad form!) or doing it in a cab without a mirror (bad news!), try this little gizmo." That's how Mademoiselle magazine reviewed Mary Ellen's invention in it's March 1996 issue- and she was off and running. The free press from Glamour magazine and others, plus being featured on "The Today Show" helped. The DazzleDot story begins in a restaurant when Mary Ellen touched up her lipstick aided by the blurred reflection from a teaspoon. The idea of putting a little mirror at the end of a lipstick cap popped into her head. She went home, made a prototype and took it to the Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE). "I got an incredible amount of help from them," she says. "They referred me to supply sources and in just a few months the DazzleDot lipstick mirror was in its blister pack, ready for market." Convinced she had a hot idea, she went to a national trade show, lined up sales reps, orders and distribution. Her company has been steadily growing ever since. Mary Ellen now has an additional product, the DazzleDot Cosmetic Mirror available now.


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