Sticks on the cap of your lipsticks! , , As seen on the 'Today Show' and 'Oxygen Network'

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  The "Today Show's" Anne Curry says it's "a great new device for those on the go that's not expensive" and "it's perfect! You can actually see enough!"

Our LIPSTICK MIRRORS are made with a high powered laser cutter leaving the edges very smooth allowing the light to shine thought the sides of the LIPSTICK MIRRORS giving it an attractive appearance. The LIPSTICK BEAUTY MIRRORS each have an adaptor ring attached for curved top LIPSTICKS so that they do not fall off . Other cheap imitation LIPSTICK MIRRORS do not have this feature. The Dazzle dot LIPSTICK BEAUTY MIRROR is one of the best selling products at chain stores around the country. The convenience of the Dazzle Dot LIPSTICK BEAUTY MIRROR is catching on in a fast paced world. No more searching in your purse for a separate LIPSTICK BEAUTY MIRROR. The BEAUTY PRODUCTS world is catching on too and the Dazzle dot LIPSTICK BEAUTY MIRROR has been featured in many magazines. The Dazzle dot LIPSTICK BEAUTY MIRROR has also been featured with rave reviews on sites such as BEAUTY 

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COSMETIC BEAUTY MIRROR, perfect for purse flaps, appointment books, lockers and car visors. Just peel and stick. Suggested retail is $2.99 sold by mail-order as part of our value pack. See "TO ORDER"